Children of none

Children of none

Title:  Children of none

Poet: Steve Anc

You may search our destinies with conclusion of none,
Owning  nature did not send smile on our days of  conceptions;
The rain of old money sat on the seat of contemplation:
The pathways to  excellently born were under construction,
Favorable birth numbered us not worthy.

 We may look common
On  account of  your conviction,
Even the colored ones among us believe so;
Obviously, this thought was popular among the opulent,
Sometimes we look uneasy as commoners in their presence.

Through the lens of time, we had seen the glimpse of tomorrow,
But a bit handicapped to do tomorrow
Not that seats of qualifications were not available,
Means of qualifications were not sent;
Cause tomorrow is for the seers astrologers said.

 Do not use lens of now to measure our capabilities,
As the wind of morning blow wherever it wishes:
We will stand in this porch to control our
Cause the wind will blow out of the dusty night,
Not minding the astrologers' prediction.

They fanned their premonstration and filled their expectation,
Scattered their eyes as tornado in search of our ends,
Our names blow noisy sounds in their ears.

 But the voice that controls the wind shall loud our names,
Saying, "we are not dying voices,
But calculative eagles that hollo from the hill!
And carefully selected breed!"

©Steve Anc
All rights reserved

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