The pen will pay

The pen will pay

Title: The pen will pay

Poet: Steve Anc

This is from Steve Anc's perspective of same image

I would have been creep'd in grief as a reif
cause' the  hurt conform'd me to tumult,
I grind  as a discomfitur'd soldier in the battlefield;

Heart puff'd in gruff all day long
Bystanders glanced with  the lens of  scorn,
Tongues flattering and lashing out hot words that are so absurd to incur-
 Hoter than supernova explosion.

I had dug for the reward of such...
And why endured  a hurt,
Why not confined by the chain than to hurt for a cut;
 But found none,
Other than fragments of splintered hope
That creeps in as the heart bleeds.

Thus I melted in tears, though lipp'd relentlessly.
Handicapped  as nonentity,
Ushered by anguish and languish in pain;
But still wish to partake in banquet of life.

It shall all depends therein:
Whether I had learned to seal  the pain for the gain of glorious banquet
Or to  perish as garish.
Oh man!
Better to perish with my pen than to remain in the chain.

Within the pages of destiny
 I will flip,
Cause my leaves are time covered in space,
Waiting for that great day to glib open;
The time when pen will outweigh pain.
So die as though your funeral 
Or learn to drive hot from your heart
Cause the pen will pay.

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