Till the ocean dry

Till the ocean dry

Title: Till the Ocean dry

Style: Terza rima or tercets

Poet: Steve Anc

"Do not approach the strand with two legs,
Cling caution on your shoulder as conspicuous birds;
Don't be befool by the opinion of the bathers," Papa said.

Obedient to your words, had I adhered as an oath,
But disobedient is the best remedy as I approach;
Better the unborn to confer with death than to declare adiue to the carrier.

Lo uphold your  son papa!
Is already raging as a phage,
Behold the  oceanic tempest from

But my feet had I knot underneath the sea as duck,
Never to be moved by the oceanic current;
I can see the nautical sway from the West–

Rushing as fast as brown bear,
Calling it host to sift me as a weightless shaft;
Quering my constancy in the midst of the tempestuous.

Feet will I move not cause stability was I found upon,
Here will I commune not minding the conquest;
Here will I stand, til the ocean dry!

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