What a formidable Force

What a formidable Force

Title: what a formidable force

Style: couplet quatrain with AABB rhyme scheme

Poet: Steve Anc

Never had I dreamt it would be so anon
In reality, I  now stood  to  avouch
On a dreary stage was I  drenched
Asking: why shall it be in this- domain?

Should I lament in my closet-
Or bewail loudly and chide the silly conceit?
Time will bring relief, the elders had taught!
But where is the time to ease me from this fraught?

Let the dusty wind from the east gale and wipe this sorrow away,
Rather to be castrated of this memory than left  alone to wallow.
Let impromptu rain fall to shed my tears abroad,
Rather than the droplets of tears to dry on my abode.

The pain bites so deeper  than  metaphoric phrases,
But the elders painted the  phrases  though they had no teeth!
I want him back at these dark shrinking knees,
So tell me no tale that softens the head but hollows the heart.

Paint my face with rapture,
Let me  know that the end is at hand;
For the joy of living had been stolen by the ashes of loneliness,
Death poses as formidable force!

© Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved

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