Goodbye playmates

Goodbye playmates

Title: Goodbye playmates

Mission: experiment into poetic language

Poet: Steve Anc

Oh years! And my playmates! Adieu:
Farewell the ten years iroha chinonso-
My childhood comrade.
Goodbye the pears on the road side.
Valedictory the wheeling vehicle-
My only means of transportation.
Behold I now dwell in adulthood
Where I do nothing than to scheme:
Scheming for beaucoup ways of how
Deeming for a better tomorrow.
My eyes have seen since we parted
Yes time has passed by!
Nonage  images still abide unto.
Sometimes I am lost in the Sea-
Thinking how time flies to nirvana.
In my lonely solarium I sit daily,
Always asking rhetorical questions;
Does the moon still sway at night?
Is there still stars in the sky?
We'e they delug'd by the endless day?
Everything seems too abridge  now
cause I measure  with achievement,
Not with  the formal insouciant  lad.
 In grief I abide in sometimes,
Cause I  now imagine the impossible.
But stiill not as free as I used to be
Please give me an hour to play again,
That was my gentle disposition then.
Cause football, I am not good at.
In Wrestling, consider me not worthy.
But here as an adult I stand today,
Asking for permission to declare
Total freedom from insouciant lad-
Heaving up my hands to heavens
Lifting  them up to say,
Farewell my wheeling vehicle
Bon voyage playmates!

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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