The first battle of planet Earth

The first battle of planet Earth

Title: The first battle of planet

Poet: Steve Anc

Mission: an experiment into poetic language

The world is chaos!
The world is in confuse state,
As the drunken bee;
As confused as the restaurant's look!

 Human minds had set ajar!
A strong west wind  is here to devour,
Like the grinding under the skin;
No news connotes joyousness.
The Arab has lost in camel race!
The whole world is in aberration
 We still safari  in wonder,
The planet Earth is in the erratic.

The bar of soap is no longer beauty cake!
 Just a shamble of news slaughtered the earth!
The world is at war with a hidden enemy!
The weather stings as angry bee in search of prey,
Not as pure as drifted snow as it used to;
The silent night has become ace of danger!

As the ragged continents row by
So did humanity watched rolling
This is a moment of silence;
There are many sorrows in the air
The world has shutdown already,
Everyone looking for ideas!
People don't know what to think again
Even I  cannot help thinking,
Cause thinking is made ritualistic;
Confusion had set in already.

Predictors and astrologers are in moody state:
Intimacy  had proved abortive,
Intimate contact withheld totally
Tissue paper is in the highest demand,
Face mask and hand glove as panacea
Countries had  shutdown
Social distance in alarming rate,
Goods are vanishing within a blink;
And no remedy for regulation yet!

Who  is shooting at us from behind?
Who is behind this pandemic outbreak?
Who has done this to humanity?
Who mixed our breathing with air of panic?
May vengeance grip thee by the hair,
And beat bad intention out of your skin!

Our inner strengths are been sapped,
Can this be the end of humanity?
People asking many why's:
Why why why and why it echoed along,
People taken recession as remedy;
Is better than connecting to humanity
Cause the connection will lead to contamination.

I have not heard  secession  commonly said before,
But is like the anthem now.
People are living in isolated Ireland
The Bell is ringing for remedy,
Many are quarantined already;
Some suffering in respiratory difficulty
Why death rate in alarming rate.

When will this yellow river clear?
The heart of compassion had locked down.
I have not learnt to be certain about anything,
Until the thing become certain
And certainty becoming certain
This is  really a certain situation

We will overcome this pandemic
We can soften the hash realities,
Despite the falling ashes;
To soak in the baths of padigi beach
Cheering until the box crack.

©Steve Anc
Lover of words

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