Counting the beats

Counting the beats

Counting the beats

Poet: Steve Anc

Style: septet

Counting the beats...
Counting the slowness of babies steps,
Counting the sophistication of babies dance,
Counting the ennui look from nauseate hearts;
The bleeding end of anticipation,
Hasten winky eyes of time
And eagerness of wakeful mind.

Counting the turbulent days without sun,
Counting the lengthy nights  without   moon,
The dusty Sahara harmattan wind;
The colossal turning of  morning noisome.
And the  great anticipation to mask the head underneath
From a bitter sky!

O, may I ask
How long shall we bear the whips and scorns of time?
Whereas, pain strike without deliberation!
O where then shall we be–
Whenever we are whelmed of trying?
Not  there is no known place as “there”
But was only reserved to the courageous!

Countless times had we tried,
Also countless times had we beaten by the trials;
But only  if we can overlook the falling ashes,
Once more shall only we  try:
Who care if  failure knock us off a thousand times,
Cause humans minds are more  elastic
Forgetting our mistakes and lapses within a blink.

©Steve Anc
lover of words

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  1. You are right... Great piece of poetry 😊😊

  2. Interesting piece. You're talented.

  3. Failures and success are teachers in their own ways. They both teach us valuable lessons so if we pay attention to those lessons and keep our head high, we will sure be happier and peaceful.

  4. You're talented and think very deep. I loved reading it.