Epigram of good wishes

Epigram of good wishes

Epigram of good wishes

(Happy birthday to Ajuzie Chibueze Nwaorisa)

Poet: Steve Anc

Am sorry I can't type again
My fingers are crying
My heart is in the house
I must pause till it comes
 back to me
To prepare for this great feast
Oh behold
Here it comes
 It comes with gift
And glittering hands of good wishes
With tongue ready to declare
That all the world shall see
I have known seconds and minutes
Have known weeks and months
But haven't seen 4th of April
Without you to celebrate
I have seen roses damasked
I  have seen the Earth covered with cloud
But no such roses shall come to your paths
Neither shall thy paths gloomy
Cause I love to see you shine
Also in abundance you will appear daily
Nothing of you shall fade away
Neither shall you suffer a misfortune

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