My joy and my pyramids

My joy and my pyramids

Title: My joy and my pyramids

Subtle ( the joy of oneness)

Poet: Steve Anc

Only a little more
I have to write:
Not to dwell in my own thoughts,
But to give thanks to God
For peaceful and love home;
And the grace to abide together.

Life is but a flying minutes!
Better to fly in merriment
Or  safari in harmony,
Than dwell in hostility;
Cause divided will fall.

Life is pleasant with
good memories;
Though time runs
without notification,
With scare leaves of memories
Scattered on the roof of oneness
Ready to be lifted by air of
Wonderful gathering.

How many days have I forgotten?
But never will I forget this day
Cause celebration day it is,
Though wasn't around;
But happy to see hearts rejoiced.
That is my joy
And my pyramids.

©Steve Anc
Lover of words

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