The Dying Light

The Dying Light

The Dying Light

Poet: Steve Anc

The dream and purpose that I saw
They tricked down my face as tears
I wandered lonely as a cloud
Floating on high over hollows and hills
And all the best of dark I have met
All the best of light I  have forsaken
From the first fourteen days to fourteen night
Have seen death!

The lights, and the paths that I saw
Now lay afloat as a stark
As my heart loosing out it's true nature
Like one that has been seven days drowned
In a seven days and seven nights lockdown

The life that I saw
Now made way for death
Though I wish not to wait for death
Cause I could not even wait for death after all
Death will surely wait for me
 Let  me first speak dagger to its heart as it waits

Seven days, seven nights, I saw a cause
 Why hungry eyes bawl
A cause why hungry legs totter
A cause why hungry hands tremble.

As stomach drags me to the end of the Street
So did my feet drag back to the end of the house
With garment of shame as a veil
 Stomach stirring as stirring tea
And  worms roaring as roaring lions

Let me but dust my bed, waiting for a dusty night
Allowing the last ink to ooze from the pen
Better to be numbered with mark of death
For too late I would have rung the bell for injustice
Neither shall I be chain on the path of starvation any longer

Hope had leaked out from my soul
Death had seeped through the sole of my soul
Cause in vile and ingrate nation I dwell
Let me pour away the ocean and rinse the shore
Too late shall it repent!

©Steve Anc
All right reserved

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