The power of simple words

The power of simple words

Title: The power of simple words

Style: narrative

Simple words move where big words stand!
They scan  the wall of language,
As the captain scans the military zone
Head the wind's increasing scope.

Simple words understand onesyllable word!
Spit out direction out of confusion,
Layout orderliness across a steep;
Act as antidotes to vocabularies,
Squeezed out creative juices  out of communication.

The wisdom of our ancestors dwell in simple words!
Our elders communicate in  simple words,
Cause comprehension comes without invitation;
As confusion leaves without notification.

They are rich with the right feelings!
Spice communication with the right taste
They give joy to the reader
And value to the writer,
Make poetry interesting to read.

They cut the edge of communication
injected charm in  our eyes!
Dance, twist, turn mourning to singing
Brief and concise big words as a knife that cut edge of momma's garment.

They are like spark in the night,
Lighting to the eyes of those who read!
They are the grace  of prose
And the grease of poetry
It is difficult to enjoy the meal of language without them!

They are like cobweb
Can catch big words,
Hold them up for all to see;
Some make you see,
The cold deep dark at night;
Others make you feel
The deepest pain in the heart,
Like rare stones in rings of gold
Or joy in the eyes of a child.”

©Steve Anc
lover of words

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