A letter to Heaven

A letter to Heaven



Poet: SunnyVickz

Dear abode of peace,
Full of bliss and delightful scenes,
 That shield the ultimate power with his heralds;
Wherein serenity is defined by songs of harmony.
The destination of those that takes its turns,
For eternal and unregretful living:
Look down on earth and see,
What agony man has become!
To and fro; left to right but no help,
Pandemonium everywhere!
Nowhere to run;
A great ailment ravages the domain,
Causing swipes and wipes of humans.
We beseech you Respond with pity...
"For we are filthy"
Look across our world and avenge our cause,
Show us compassion, for the sake of your mission,
Left to us, we are but  "fission".

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  1. Amazing imagery throughout!

    I loved the word play early in the poem.
    "heralds and harmony"

    Favorite part:

    Pandemonium everywhere!
    Nowhere to run;

    The letter reads like a demand and a plea to anyone listening from Heaven. Forgive our ways, let us into Heaven. It's an interesting poem as it conveys a message of frustration and pain but also of hope.