Little Red Flower

Little Red Flower


Little Red Flower

Stop crying my dear friend
I am here to indulge you
My heart is here near you
Stop crying my dear friend
I am not going to hurt a heart of you
Like someone did it to you.

I know its really paining
I know you can't stop crying
But,my dear friend
I am here to stop the pain
I am here to heal the wounds
Wounds found in your heart
Lonely heart
After being betrayed.

I am not a doctor
I don’t know medicine
All  I know is romance
Romance as the best cure
Which can heal the wounded heart.

I am not having a painkiller
But a little red flower
They call it Rose
And I call it a dose
Will fit be your medicine
So you can recover.

Little red flower! Little red flower!
To my dear friend.

Poem by: Maumba SB.
COPYRIGHT © 2020,Maumba SB.

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