Mask of Life

Mask of Life

Title: Mask of Life

Poet: Steve Anc

So oft' in the mid of  night
       I wake me in my bed
With utter panic  plastered on my chest
       The door was flailing like  a storm
The roof that should  have kept me warm flew away

The floor sagged but silent as the graveyard
       And feet cemented as agama lizard
Mind wandered beyond my confined walls
       In quest of why folks  masked

The folks at home, masked,
       The folks in the street, also masked
Therefore,  walk and walk to mask me
       To mask the breath from my nostril
And to mask the words as they escape
     Just to scrap my name from the book of disobedience
      Cause I neither cough nor sneeze 

Have them masked as normalcy
           Whence comes this gloomy veil
 In the darkest night, I lie
       Thinking in agony and snoopy for remedy
       And soliciting to God as a question
 Is this  mask for life"

©Steve Anc
lover of words

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