The after life

The after life

The After Life

 Poet: Sunnyvickz

I can hear the winds blow with a mighty strength,
I can see the rivers flow unrestricted,
Oceans vomiting all it swallowed within space and time,
The lands too hot to thread; creatures shout,
Helter! Skelter!! Pandemonium rains like hail stones.
A look in the sky people are lifted,
Oh No Others shouted!.with tears as blood nothing to wipe,
They run into the sea the sea itself cries!
The mountain then wishes to melt,
Pierce a knife still remain alive,
Oh! What a life they shout aloud!
Smokes hover the earth like a bum,
Still the cloud as clear as snow;
What be this they may ask,
This is the promise that was made,
Am coming again to take you with me,
Where I am you shall be.

At point penitence becomes the order of the day,
But no! No!! Its too late to hear you as you pray!
This is the fate of they that will pay with their blood.

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