Blend blend the street calls,
Just in a flash to pick the call,
Hello I am street, been indebted to pay,
The indelible gratitude I owe everyday.

Why! Why now!! I exclaimed!!!
Hauled by a strange current towards a mysterious coast,
Tossed by the tide and driven by the wind,
Fought with all I could,yet sailed aimlessly.
My will with my ship lost,
All I had with it gone, I lay a drift.

Awake all night in the dreary depth of despair,
Shrouded with uncertainty,
Haunted by discouragement
And I pondered what other tricks fate had for me.

Fate has turned tables around just for you,
Your days of wallow in misery and despair defeated,
Hardwork found a better place for you,
Your gaze at the morrow brightened.
Days were rough, you stayed,.
The street sounded, you never gave up,
Easier embarks played on, u still didn't conform,
Nature! Blate your reward to dialogue,
Tears in blat you shaded.
I saw and I muted "its about time".

You ask yourself why can't it be someone else instead,
You got tired of all thoughts in your head,
Sometimes you just have to push yourself to get out of bed,
You blame yourself "Screaming why am I me"
But life has a reason to keep persevering,
To keep going forward and fighting and surviving,
Find something that makes you fight!
And you will survive.

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