Lessons from Ants

Lessons from Ants

Title: Lessons from Ants


Poet: Steve Anc

The history of ANTS,
Is history of constant
United in their habitants.
We are familiar with soldier ANT
and can remember worker ANTS.

Haters  regard ANTS unimportant;
They said:Let us kill all  ANTS,
They reduced our elephant
to remnant,
Just because our elephant
Cannot marry an ANT.

Despite ANTS work in defendant
Against external contestant,
The queen ANT,
Still feeds on its own ANTS.
Is it not ANT 
assailant to fellow ANTS?

Also, children are so adamant
Not always  observant,
While approaching ANTS;
So they bite with unrepentant.

ANTS are very brilliant.
I wish humans can take cognizant
And adapt to their reliant,
As they gather their sustenance
In time of abundant.

Though ANTS wander in vagrant,
But they dwell in abundance;
And always nonchalant,
When other dwell in discordant.

© Steve Anc
lover of Words
All rights reserved

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