We sipped courage

We sipped courage

Title: We sipped courage


Poet: Steve Anc

You deem it far from pleasant
That majority starve with emptiness,
To deprive sustenance, you projected as a dart;
And perchance makes thousands hurt,
As it added fat to your heart.

Coward remains cowards, till sipped guts,
We had masqueraded as chicken, cause of division;
Our rights, you  got associated with,
Dwarfed our courage and hang embargo on our sleeves.

Many a man is tasty, cause he fears your footprint,
So, before the shore, he faltered!
He dare not approach, cause woe to individual courage;
Though he plays the flutes of a piper at home.

Many among the cowards had eaten the heart of a lion,
As ready as the clock in search of your soul;
Give up their sweet-savory, chew the bitter leave of revenge,
With blaring stomach and heroic eyes
Cause warriors fight with courage not with anger.

We were well fed when life beginnings
Till principality as you, insist
And took the meal of millions
To keep afloat your big name.

© Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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  1. Very motivating, warriors fight with courage not with anger, Best 👍👍