I am in love with a complicated girl

I am in love with a complicated girl

Title: I  am in  love with a complicated girl


Poet: Steve Anc

What put me in a rage
Is the look on your face
As it glee and spleen
Ceases the singers of the sky
Slaughters their orchestration
Makes the angels gasp
Inject complications

When love chose you
I wore a kind hat
Cause love is kind
Is evil of the mind
Not to be kind
But the more I heart you
The more you harden your heart

When I slaughtered laughter
You executed a frown face
Then I sent for pillar of war
Your feedback was peace
Neither heaven nor earth
Men of valor nor feeble men
Can straighten your personality

I, that  love spaces of stars
And harmony of the universe
With the tranquility of the sea
Now convict in darkest wall
And endure earthly hell

Please pray me no psalmist
Nor preach me any Chronicles
No need to preach nor pray
Just teach my heart to hate
 I had purchased complications
From your market

©Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved
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